The traditional simple aesthetics – based on the plasticity of the volumes as a whole – is the basic design principle and leads to a smooth integration of the house’s height extension to the landscape. Two parallel walls made out of local stone and a pergola of reeds define the house’s addition, while simultaneously diffuse the limits from the inside to the outside. The extension’s extroversion is contrasted to the close character of the existing ground floor building, creating different spatial qualities.
The very small size of the existing one-room stone house constituted a challenge for the design of its interior. The traditional interior arrangement based on benches and wooden elevated levels – pataros, as they are called in Greek – remains in order to ensure free space and all the main functional needs.
The bioclimatic design of the house is based on a natural cooling system during the hot summer months and the enhancement of the building’ s thermal mass through the use of stone and a new planted roof with dry planting.











PROJECT: Summer house renovation and extension at Vati, Rhodes
LOCATION: Rhodes, Greece
CLIENT: Private
PROJECT STATUS: 2013, Building Permission
AREA: 45m2 
DESIGN: Elina Drossou