Johnnie Rousso, the new optician in the heart of downtown Athens, aims to come up with a new way of looking at the way selling glasses and optometry. Its basic feature is customized service for clients whose premise it aimed to transfer into the set-up of the 130m2 store and the actual process of sales. Consequently the proposal focuses on programmatic interventions that attempt to enrich the functional method of sales and the way of serving renouncing however the typical display of eyewear.

From the outside to the inside, from the public to the private, from a standing position to a seated one, the transition is smooth and distinct. The entrance area featuring the glass benches functions as a small exhibition area for the eyewear. Behind it the sales counter is located, resembling a bar, while further in the background there is the table workstation, where the customer can sit comfortably, be informed about the products and be served special pieces personally. The optometry section is in the loft.

Colors and materials enhance this smooth transition of the functions and the change in the type of service to be received in each stage. The colored mirror cladding over the entrance walls and the glass benches reflect the street image, thus relaxing the boundaries between public and private. Moving inwards, the walls gradually become uncovered and rough materials such as brick and concrete are emerging.

The shop window has no showcase. The entire shop is openly visible and works as a showcase through the use of extra clear glass at the window. When conditions require it, the space can easily be turned into a closed and private service environment by using a bell at the front door and closing the gold curtain.











STATUS: Completed
PROJECT: Johnnie Rousso opticians store
PROGRAM: 130 sqm, retail
LOCATION: 9 Skoufa str, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece
CLIENT: Johnnie Rousso
DESIGN: dARCHstudio, www.darchstudio.com
TEAM: Elina Drossou, Giorgos Makestas
PHOTOGRAPHY: Thanasis Karatzas