When the company Vassiliou decided to use an old building dated from 1970 as its headquarters, it awarded the interior design of the shop (groundfloor and loft) and the showrooms (first and second floor) to dARCHstudio. Inspired by one of the basic sale products of the company, the spotlight, we created many and various scattered curvy shapes all over the existing rectangular space of the shop. The aim was to convey to the visitor a sense of the theatrical atmosphere that many lighting beams simultaneously create. These curvy elements are used in a multitude of ways. In most cases they offer space for the display cases or are used as indirect lightings.

STATUS: Completed
PROJECT: Vassiliou shop / showroom
PROGRAM: 194 sqm shop, 232sqm showroom, 30sqm conference room
LOCATION: 86 3rd September str , Athens, Greece
CLIENT: Vassiliou
DESIGN TEAM: Elina Drossou, Nikos Karkatselas
YEAR: 2008