Bringing to prominence the area of the study in the existing natural and residential environment is suggested to take place by:

-Organizing the accessibility, by defining the land naturally and artificially and by turning the part of Louki Akrita Street that borders with the land into a pedestrian precinct.

-Mapping out routes (free and linear tracks made by stone and concrete) and the creation of mild constructions (wooden prismatic surfaces, trellis bending into sittings), compatible with the character of the area.

-Introducing water.

-Maintaining and enriching the natural anaglyph.

-Conducting tools such as orientation, natural and artificial lighting, planting trees, in order to meet the needs for sunlight, shadow and lighting.

























STATUS: Competition, Honorable Mention
PROJECT: Reformation of a public green area in Filothei
CLIENT: Filothei Municipality
LOCATION: Athens, Greece
ΤΕΑΜ: Elina Drossou, Efi Malandraki, Nikos Karkatselas
PROGRAM: 9.000qm public use

YEAR: 2008