Fashion, constantly changed by time, is called upon to be housed in a permanent and monumental space-museum.


… in the unique tower of Omotesando Street

… in the city of contrasts.


The building aims to depict a clear illustration of the osmosis of the above contradictions, serving as a landmark, unique and archetypal, as a comment on the fashion‘s fluid character, and as a reflection on the social and cultural content of the town of Tokyo.

The basic tool for the separation of the building into two contrasting and simultaneously supplementary elements has been borrowed from the patron stitching method: cut and turn.

The volume of the building is split at exactly those points where the main functions of the museum are located, e.g. the entrance, the permanent exhibition, runway, temporary exhibition). These cuts are then turned like screens towards the city.

The rest of the space serves as an ongoing vertical route of the visitor, which oscillates between interior and exterior, providing focus on the exhibited content and the panoramic views of the town and which ends up in the Japanese garden.









STATUS: Competition
PROJECT: New Fashion Museum in Omotesando Street
CLIENT: Arquitectum
ΤΕΑΜ: Elina Drossou, Chrysoula Helidonaki, Eva Papageorgiou
PROGRAM: 4.000qm Museum

YEAR: 2010