This new concept acts as an exhibition space and a show place of Carteco architectural materials and design, for sample and material presentations. It replies to selfpromotion, exhibitions, Carteco showrooms or inshop installation for all associates and partners of Carteco, who want to present and sell Carteco collections and brands, all over Greece and Cyprus.

Tetris game, a wide spread tool of architectural design, inspired the creation of the structural element that composes Carteco in a Box, a box consisted of member-boxes: hence the member-boxes shape into tetris and match through various combinations, giving to Carteco in a Box flexibility, multi-form and multifunction.
The flexibility of its structure, makes the object capable to “be planted” in any space, while it can easily be dismantled, transported, or function in another form, in a different space.
The outright outlined casing, in a shape of a box, unfolds, slices and transforms through the immediate intervention of the user, while the user is the one who is challenged into exploring and discovering the wide variety of the material of Carteco in an interactive way.
Drawers, sliding counters with technological screens, opening, inclining and rotating panels, seats, function in the 3-dimension space of the Carteco in a Box, through a game of dimensions, which first and foremost, serves the needs of exhibition of products, and on the other hand, offers the user the opportunity to actively contribute to the creation of Carteco in a Box and finally insert in “Carteco material world”.

The material of the construction could range from the combination of fiberglass and cardboard to the absolute use of wood, or even – for a more hardcore effect- the use of rusty steel.
Inspirational lighting design is added in all the above material cases of Carteco in a box, through the use of fluorescent lights, in a direct way …Wellcome to heartcore!


























PROJECT: Carteco in a box, stand
CLIENT: Carteco/architectural materials and design,
PROJECT STATUS: Completed 2009
DESIGN: Elina Drossou, Polinikis Krimitzas, Nikos Karkatselas