The theme of the competition is the design of the Museum of Bavarian History in Regensburg as a “building of tomorrow for the history of today”. The aim is to integrate an outgoing independent museum in the world-open heart of Regensburg. A city characterized by the old center with its historic network of passageways, a central cathedral, a unique roofscape and the direct touch with the bank of the Danube.

Based on the needs of the program, the museum is articulated into a base, middle and top. The three zones are distinct through the chronologically successive content of the exhibits. The base of the museum overlooking the archeological excavations, contains the entrance lobby, the Bavariateque, an independent museum shop and restaurant and all support facilities. The foyer provides access from the Danube and therefore connects the city with the river. A central staircase leads to the projection room and the temporary exhibition spaces in the first floor while a side glass ramp overlooking the urban context of the museum continues to the second floor with the column-free permanent exhibition spaces and the auditorium. All the exhibits are dedicated to the “present” on the middle level. The “future” is showcased on the top floor which offers a unique view of the city’s roofscape and a clear connection to the sky.

The transparent enclosure of the museum provides ideal light for the open galleries while the copper louvers on the north side of the building, inspired by the old Harbour in this site, can be adjusted to the natural lighting conditions.































STATUS: Competition
PROJECT: Museum of Bavarian History
PROGRAM: 10.000 sqm Museum, Library, Auditorium, Public Uses
LOCATION: Regensburg, Germany
CLIENT: City of Regensburg
DESIGN: Elina Drossou
CIVIL ENGINEER: Dimitris Dimitropoulos
YEAR: 2013