Yes, we camp!

The anti-room – a room in form of a landscape – represents a new oxymoron typology of the urban hotel unit.
An elongated strip of “earth” is embedded along the typical layout of the hotel room and through its free form strengthens the perception of the relationship between inside and outside, small and large scale and the geomorphology of natural landscapes and the geometry of the box.
The enclosed artificial landform accommodates what is most necessary for the program, just as the natural landform would do in free-camping conditions.
The interior – different for every room –  becomes a place for exploration and its habitation an experience with ascetic character.
In the centre of the room and at the highest level, the bed dominates everything, indicating in this way the paramount importance of the room (rest, isolation, daydream).
The anti-room can be applied to existing hotels, be placed as a container in new hotel spaces or alternatively give life to the abandoned skeletons of the many Greek urban, unfinished buildings.




STATUS: Competition
PROGRAM: 24 sqm, urban hotel room
CLIENT: Domes, International review of architecture
DESIGN: Elina Drossou, Giorgos Makestas
YEAR: 2016