Beer AcademyHOME became 7Food Sins and besides the change in brand moved its flagship to a neoclassical 1911 building in Plaka Athens – including the existing massive and heavy furniture, which is typical of a German Brauhaus.

The space consists of two stories in a well-preserved neoclassical layout  which are connected by an old and imposing wooden staircase at the centre of the ground floor.

The interior aims to represent the spatial expression of the original brand Beer Academy (the name at the time of the design process), an academy of beer, and focuses on one of the most important stages of the beer production, the fermentation. With the bottom-fermented beers (LAGER) on the ground floor and the top-fermented beers (ALE) on the first floor, the rooms of each floor accordingly adopt the name and the colour (blond, red, black, gold etc) of bottom-fermented and top-fermented beers.

Given the use of the pre-existing furniture style and simultaneously the need for a modern take on the traditional Brauhaus as a fact, we chose the design tools of modification and reuse as an answer to the brand’s new look.

The massive wooden top of the old bar counter, combined with a metallic grid and cement, created a new image for the bar – blending the old with the new.

Light metal, supporting legs took the place of the bulky wood carved table legs.

For the lighting system, we modified the old elongated copper tube lighting device by cutting it into smaller pieces, thus creating autonomous pendant lights.

On the ground floor, the space of the bottom-fermented beers, the upper part of the chairs is painted in white while on the first floor (top-fermented beers) the lower chair parts are painted in white – to enhance the visual contrast between the two fermenting methods.













STATUS: Completed
PROJECT: New gastropub in Plaka
PROGRAM: 190 sqm, Restaurant
LOCATION: Filomousou Square, Plaka, Athens
CLIENT: Beer Academy
DESIGN: Elina Drossou, Efi Malandraki
PHOTOGRAPHY: Constantinos Mitilineos
YEAR: 2015