Since 2006, Elina Drossou is the founder and leading architect of dARCHstudio, a creative international team of young architects involved in a variety of projects at a multitude of locations and in diverse contexts. dARCHstudio’s ranging abilities and creative thinking answer to all levels of scale, public and private, all the while focusing on the search of new spatial experiences and perspectives, innovativeness, sustainability, experimentation and critical approach to the current social-economic atmosphere. A substantial part of the work has been awarded in architectural competitions,recognized by the national and international trade press and presented in group exhibitions. So far, the “Papercut” project has been featured in thirteen international books and twenty world known design magazines from Barcelona to Beijing. Working in close cooperation with a network of designers, artists, set designers and engineers as well as with the client, dARCHstudio benefits from the input of new knowledge, experience and expertise aiming to deliver something totally different and far away from all expectations.